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Sergio Grasso is the natural choice for such professional riders as Michel Robert, Pippa Funnell, Jennie Brannigan, Henrik von Heckermann, Laura Kraut, Eddy Sans, Laura Lorenzetti, Luca Moneta, Lauren Sammis, Kim Severson, Harry Skelton, Buck Davidson and Italian Para Dressage Team. As it is for all those who love riding and who want to bring out the best in their talent through the performance and unique style of these boots.

Sergio Grasso forms a common bond between everyone, sharing information and news along with all the emotions inspired by the world of horse-riding. This is why the page is devoted to you.

Here you can browse national and international press coverage, press releases, articles and advertising campaigns that speak about us. And you can also download our catalogue to find out more about all our models and how they can be customised for you.

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